Hunting in (the) consumer society


Being a hunter’s daughter, hunting has been part of my life since my early childhood.

I feel at home in the pine woods of the finnish taiga.
Right from the beginning of mankind, humans have gone hunting. Then, the hunting

instinct – like the reproductive instinct – secured the survival of the human race.

 Today, we find all the essential for survival and even much more in supermarkets.

 What role does hunting play in our // today’s consumer society?

 Who is the hunter – who the hunted?

 What does the contemporary prey look like?


Apart from the original hunting grounds such as the forest, the city is my preserve. The camera is my rifle. It provides me with the motifs which I transform into two- or three-dimensional pieces of art, with the help of graphical techniques.Besides, shopping bags – real ones and symbols of consumerism  – play an important role in my artistic work. In addition, I love working with trees and wood. Maybe this is because my father was an enthusiastic teacher of ecology and forestry…


Acrylics and laquer on plaster

270 x 170 cm